Does it work?

Yes! In three years, IEI’s program helped take Sinoe County from #11 to #1 on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam. Starting with eight schools in 2015, IEI is now active in 11 of the 14 secondary schools in Sinoe County. Each school has the Sammy’s SmartBox technology. Several thousand students have learned how to use the computer. They are learning math, gaining knowledge in all subject areas, and growing in character through the youth clubs that meet weekly in the 11 schools.

The WAEC exam is given every year to Liberian 12th graders. A passing mark is required to graduate from high school. In 2014, Sinoe County placed #11 out of the 15 counties with a passing rate of 23%. In 2017, Sinoe County placed #1 with an 88% passing rate!

The IEI Samuel Morris Scholars Program in Liberia employed a two-year pilot independently assessed by the Doceo Center, Northwest Nazarene University using a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures. The assessment instrument used for the quantitative study was the highly regarded Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academy Progress (MAP) computer-based test.

Greenville high school student: “You know, the math that was in my classroom, even it was okay, but the teacher at that time was not really teaching it to our understanding, so most of us had a difficult year … But this year, you can go to the lab and do some math right there and use your brain, fresh!”

Greenville high school teacher: “Normally in Liberia … our students are afraid of mathematics … But the technology is making it very, very simple!”

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